What is the best BOYA wireless microphone

  Appearance modeling with ergonomic and aesthetic basis of the design: hand-held Wireless microphone tube body must have a palm-sized grip and the size of the shape, the general traditional tube were bamboo or trapezoidal, not only without beauty, nor Too fit palm grip, especially for sweaty users, more difficult to grip and fall. The most suitable shape for the hand is a double inner curve with a smaller diameter at both ends. Like the necklace of a Chinese goddess or woman's waist, it is sleek and easy to hold.

  Handheld microphone to use advanced hidden antenna design: The biggest difference between man and monkey is that there is no tail. Earlier wireless microphone tail are an external antenna, and advanced wireless microphone to overcome the technical difficulties, no longer use outdated external design, and the most perfect hidden antenna design, so that wireless microphone has easy to use, Safe, beautiful and will not break the advantages of failure.

  BY-WM6 UHF Wireless Microphone System

  The BY-WM6 UHF Wireless Microphone System features a bodypack transmitter, a camera-mount receiver, and an omnidirectional lavalier microphone. The receiver is built with mic and headphone output jacks. The bodypack transmitter includes a MIC jack and LINE IN jack.


  Microphone to have the advantages of low touch noise: Handheld wireless microphone due to friction between the use of hand and touch the noise, the normal sound quality have an impact, especially wireless microphone itself has a sensitive preamplifier, so that the touch noise More serious performance, become a technical bottleneck. General wireless microphone because there is no professional design experience, but also to reduce manufacturing costs, the use of simple circuit, the choice of cheap sound head, suspension design and poor low-end suspension body surface treatment, so the sound quality is not clear also can not overcome the microphone significant Touch noise and deterioration of the original sound, so choose a good quality wireless microphone, we must pay special attention to choose a very clear sound quality and ultra-low touch noise characteristics.

  With the function of eliminating the interruption or instability of the sound: the signals emitted by the wireless microphone are attracted and reflected by the surrounding environment, resulting in a dead angle of a signal received by the receiving antenna, causing the output sound to be interrupted or unstable.

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