How to choose a dynamic or condenser microphone

  Sometimes we are videoing with family, friends or lovers. Sometimes we use a computer to make K songs, but we find that the microphone is out of sound. This is really a crazy thing. How to solve it smoothly? Here's to tell you how to solve the small series.

  Method One: First of all to make a check on the microphone, take a look at other machines can not be used. If you still can not, we must consider whether the microphone is a problem. If it is not a hardware problem, let's move on to the next step. Check the interface is wrong, whether there is contact problems, the interface is loose and so on.

  In general, ordinary microphones cheaper, more expensive professional microphones. But the most fundamental difference is: ordinary microphone as long as you can pick up the sound to hear OK, and your CS teammates do not care about your voice Low frequency is thick The high frequency is sweet, QQ chat when you use headphones Polaroid microphone cost will not exceed one dollar, but does not affect you talk about life and MM. The professional microphone not only to pick up the sound, but also to pick up the complete, clear, high-level requirements of the sound.

  BY-VM01 Condenser Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM01 mini Microphone is designed for recording audio while making videos, along with this mic your camera can create higher-quality audio. It designed for use with a digital SLR cameras and camcorder with a 3.5 mm (diameter) stereo mini-pin jack, and fits into compatible camera shoes, and connects to the camera via the 3.5mm mini-plug.


  Common microphone according to the different working principle can be divided into: (dynamic Microphone), (Condenser Microphone) and (Ribbon Microphone).

  Non-professional occasions to see is the most dynamic microphone, and you go to KTV singing is basically a dynamic microphone.

  The principle of dynamic microphone: The diaphragm in the microphone head drives the coil to vibrate and cut the magnetic line to generate electrical signal, which is transmitted to the next device through the microphone line.

  The advantages of dynamic microphone: the structure is simple, durable, lower prices, the use of the environment is not demanding.

  However, the sensitivity is not high enough compared to Condenser microphone (a disadvantage but also an advantage, as we will see below), lack of high frequency response, and lack of detail in the tone.

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