What wireless microphone setups work with SlingStudio?

  The directivity of a microphone means that the microphone picks up sound from different directions. In the field setting, the most important thing is to confirm the type of microphone you are using, thereby reducing the feedback of the sound and the use of directivity where it is the best place to place the monitor. In the studio, you can make changes using sensors with different characteristics. It's like arranging certain decorations when recording or near the effect.

  BY-VM190P Super-Cardioid Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM190P has a super-cardioid pickup pattern to capture audio from the front, while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear. It’s compact and lightweight design with a rugged construction that's ideal for use with HDSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders.

  Cardioid: Only picks this direction facing the microphone

  This is the type of microphone most often seen by singers. Often described as having a cardioid pattern, it is often used in studio recording vocals. In situations where you do not want to pick up the audience's voice or the sound that comes out of your monitor, a heart-shaped microphone works well in this situation (with a heart-shaped microphone the monitor should be placed opposite you and you are 180 degrees ). 


  Super-Cardioid Microphone

  Such directional microphones are becoming more popular on the spot, such as the Shure Beta 58 or the TC-Helicon MP75, which are better at capturing vocals on stage and blocking the sound of the surrounding band. The downside is that it also contains some of the sound behind the microphone. This means that you should not put your monitor in front of you (usually 120 or 240 degrees is best) or you will hear an echo. Super-heart-shaped microphones are usually used in the studio, when you need to maximize the isolation of other voices, rarely used to record voice.

  This type of pointing is very similar to that of heart-shaped pointing and is often confused, however, and the general orientation of supercardioid types is slightly less than that of heart-shaped ones, and their sensitivity to the sound coming from the rear of the microphone is also small Much more.

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