How to find the right wireless microphone?

KTV's microphone quality affects the consumer's most direct consumer experience, the microphone quality is good, consumers are willing to sing often to put pressure on the record, but if the microphone is often a problem, people came once again will not want to come. There are many KTV owners are complaining about the damage rate of private room microphones too high.

In fact, as long as the correct choice and use of Wireless microphone can extend the life of the microphone, we use the microphone in everyday life to avoid some taboos, but also can be well maintained microphone.

①, bogey and microphone "kissing"

And the microphone "kissing" is the habit of many people, some people think holding the microphone intimate close to the mouth singing singing handsome. In fact, sticking to the microphone with his mouth destroyed the normal frequency response of the microphone, the health of their own body is not good, there are a lot of germs microphone grille.

  BY-WM8 Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

  The BOYA BY-WM8 Dual-Channel UHF wireless system is a portable, camera-mountable wireless system for capturing audio with dual subjects. It can be used in several environments for video, field recording, interview, broadcast TV, and ENG applications.


②, avoid tapping the microphone or blow into the microphone

To see this, I believe many people are staggered, this little trick is too many people's habits. Microphone pickup part of the more sophisticated, and not quite see the more expensive, patting the microphone or the microphone blowing are likely to cause displacement of microphone components or damage.



Since the capacity of the condenser microphone requires polarization to work properly, the phantom voltage must be applied when using the condenser microphone. We must open the phantom power switch in phantom, at the same time pay attention to voltage and polarity, otherwise, not only can not be used normally, may cause damage.

BOYA wireless microphone
Shotgun microphone system
BY-VM600 Shotgun Microphone
BY-VM190 Shotgun Microphone
BY-V01 Condenser Microphone
BY-V02 Stereo Condenser Microphone
Lavalier microphone
BY-M4C Lavalier Microphone
BY-M4OD Lavalier Microphone