How to choose wireless microphone

A perfect wireless microphone, will bring great convenience to people's use, at the same time to the sound engineer on-site pickup provided the space for artistic creation. Therefore, in constituting a sound system, more or less equipped with wireless microphone.

There are many kinds of wireless microphone called: wireless microphone, wireless microphone, wireless handheld, wireless headset, wireless chest, wireless microphone system, etc., is generally not misleading.

Wireless microphone's history is not long, also a decade or two of history, but the development is extremely rapid. Eighties, we seldom see. Products are not too Newman, Siya and other international few microphone manufacturers; in the application, only to see a large concert abroad. With the passage of time, such as the Iron Triangle, Sennheiser, Shure and other brands gradually into the domestic high-end audio system.

With the development and application of electronic technology becoming more and more widely, the technology, market and application of wireless microphone have been greatly improved. The prices are gradually approachable. Various brands and various types of wireless microphone emerge in an endless stream. Especially in recent years, domestic wireless microphone emerging in the military, in the low-end market accounted for half of the mountains and rivers. Enping Guangdong even appeared in the production of wireless microphone (microphone) distribution center.

  BY-WM6 UHF Wireless Microphone System

  The BOYA BY-WM6 is a UHF Wireless Microphone System designed to work with DSLR camera, Camcorder, PC and more.


Relatively speaking, the wireless microphone is more expensive than the wired microphones, which is more technically complicated and more delicate in use. Therefore, how to select and use the wireless microphone in this article is the first of its kind.

Wireless Microphones From its simple, easy-to-use wireless FM transmitter and wireless FM receiver to the current proprietary PLL (Frequency-Locked Loop) technology, it has gone through about three phases.

Simple FM transmitter and receiver

At that time, in order to break away from the bondage of the microphone, people came up with the principle of transmitting and receiving similar to FM radio, through the principle of transducer's conversion and audio → modulation → amplification → transmission, and then through the FM radio or special receiver Frequency) receiver, playback. Can be imagined, its sound quality, stability, anti-interference ability can not meet the actual needs.

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