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  Can I use two microphones of the same frequency at the same time?

  Can not be used at the same time. Wireless transmission can not be "mixed" in the air, and receivers can not mix two transmit signals even at the same frequency. For example, it is not possible for two FM radio stations to send signals on the same frequency. Because this can cause confusion, resulting in audio distortion. In summary, each wireless transmitter should have its own unique frequency of the receiver.

  2, the difference between the frequency of wireless microphone, to avoid interference?

  This depends on the situation, but at least 4MHz. We can not answer this question explicitly here because it involves complex calculations. In general, cheaper wireless systems require a larger frequency gap because of their simpler receiver design and fewer options. This limits the number of compatible channels. The higher price system, the filter is better, the distance between the channels is closer, and the compatible channels also increase accordingly.

  BOYA BY-WM5 wireless microphone is for use with DSLR cameras, camcorders. The 2.4 GHz GFSK system result in strong anti-interference, good security and stability.

  Two-way communication, but only sound from transmitter can be recorded. The operation range is 50m without obstacle, 360 degree all-round revolveis workable, the maximum distance can reach up to 80m. You can adjust the volume through VOL+ and VOL- volume control. The lapel clip makes it easy to carry.


If we say "you do not want to make your own calculations," it must be right. If you need, please contact the manufacturer or agent, they will help you calculate. Most manufacturers have already calculated the frequency of Shure's compatibility with each wireless feature, so you do not have to do these tedious mathematical calculations yourself.

  3, UHF is better than VHF, right?

  The two frequency bands for the wireless microphone have their own advantages as well as their respective disadvantages. This is determined by the user of the band, the physical characteristics of the band, and the regulatory limits of the band.

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